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Old becomes new


As sprint approaches, I spend a lot of time gazing about my back yard wondering what new flowers will adorn my flower beds, patio sets, and fire pit area. As I looked out in the yard today, I thought… color. So, I just wanted to post a thought photo of a volunteer project I participated in several summers ago, at a family recovery shelter. I painted, using basic exterior paint, in a variety of Caribbean inspired colors, to paint old, rusty wrought iron outdoor furniture pieces. The items were first sanded, they primed with egg-shell primer, and them painted in lively, beautiful colors, and lastly sealed with outdoor protector spray.  I painted thirty pieces over two weeks, during my days off, and let me tell you… the sun was not my friend, but did help to shed tons of water weight… sixty pounds ago. 🙂

In any event, here is a sample. Pieces can be bought second-hand at flea markets, yard sales, Craigslist. Freecycle, or your local handy, dandy newspapers or free periodicals (yes, folks support literacy, sanity, and thought by browsing local free presses and hometown newspapers). This is a great way to recycle, re-use, and reduce trash in landfills as well.

Here’s to the old becoming new.