Les Elephants


Earlier today, while taxing a break from preparing my families taxes (yes, another had to add to the overall task list that I accomplish for my family), I turned on the boob tube, and saw an amazing documentary via Netflix on African elephants. This program reminded me of my undergraduate years a few moons back (six years ago to be exact), as my college sororities mascot, was in fact an African elephant, and so I decided to show a blog viewing of some of the cuties/crafties/happies that I made during my undergraduate years.

What’s so great about undergraduate, sorority cuties/crafties/happies? I’m so glad you asked, cuties/crafties/happies are amazing as they tend to be budget friendly (most items came from the Dollar Tree and my imagination), easy to prepare in a short amount of time, contained items that could be re-used and deconstructed, etc. Simple touches like sponge painting characters on basket wrap, metallic pen designs with song lyrics on ribbons, cute or inspirational canvas prints, hand painted tote bags, all show a homemade touch and a personal flair. Though most of these items were created for my “little sisters,” the ideas could translate to many other areas and occasions. Looking back on these items, it reminds me that perhaps even today, it would be nice to create a small, cute gift basket, a handcrafted canvas print, or a nifty wooden-letter tag for a child or nursery room setting.

Of course, as a side note, the pictures also remind me of the sixty pounds I have lost, snaps! So, here’s to the African elephant and cuties/crafties/happies everywhere!



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About theladyprefersparis

About me? Here is my off-hand list: I'm not fond of bigotry, homophobia, sexism, or Paris Hilton; I love Diet Coke and frozen raspberries; When I get tired I laugh at random things; The two joys of my life are Jesus and painting; I like to dance; I do not care for onions, mayonnaise, or pickles... I however love sushi, pizza, most kinds of fruit, hot tea, and smoothies; I make a point of laughing as often as I can, and I try to find something humorous in everything; I try to love everyone; I love music... I often have a song running through my head, usually oldies; I can never decided if I prefer my first of middle name; I am afraid of most bugs; I collect cups and mugs; If I could live anywhere it would be Paris; I have learned to embrace my southern accent; I love long lunches; I adore anything French; I think its horrible that pillows don't stay cold while you sleep; I love the colors red, pink, and navy; I am a registered Democrat; I love to gaze at the stars; I love to learn new quotes; I am a hopeless romantic; I enjoy knitting; Reading relaxes me; I love to cook; I can be such a cry baby at times; I am really starting to like yoga; I am such a home-body; I do believe its possible to be a lady and a lawyer; I look too far into situations; I believe people should only be married once; I make stained glass; I play the piano; I secretly adore the Smurfs; I love Starbucks for their mugs and iced drinks, but not their coffee; I adore Louis Armstrong; I love the sound of chimes; Highlights and hugs are a vital necessity; Fall is my favorite season; I love feminist literature; I adore politics; I love wicker baskets; I adore Vera Bradley bags; St. Johns Wart and African Red teas are amazing; I love hat and photo boxes; I decorate for most holidays; I am a neat-freak; I love to clean; I love Yankee Candles; I can always find something about life to find humorous.

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